About The Bella Wedding

What can we say about The Bella Wedding?

The Bella Wedding is Ken Andrus and part of Oakwood Studio.

About The Bella Wedding - Ken Andrus and Oakwood Studio
Ken Andrus Oakwood Studio and The Bella Wedding

About The Bella Wedding – Ken Andrus and Oakwood Studio:

Ken is an easy going, easy to get along with, artistic photographer. who will work with you  to get beautiful images and video.

He has lot’s of experience putting the bride and groom, family, and all he works with, at ease. If you’ve ever been around an awkward photographer, you will know how important this is.

He remains cool and calm whether the kids are acting up . . . or the groom forgot his socks.

And he’s been thru enough weddings, he has just about experienced it all.

But . . . still cool, calm and collected. Just wait and see.

Ken get’s along GREAT WITH KIDS!

(Matter of fact, I think he is a big kid!) Don’t tell him I said that.

Ken is trained and experienced. He has photographed hundreds of weddings all over the United States.

Ken will:

  • Guarantee beautiful Artistic images and video
  • Work in your preferred style or look
  • Easy to work with
  • Trained photoshop artist
  • Trained with various lighting conditions